Mid-day journal

Was out the whole day yesterday until around 2am after helping my dad. Went down straight from KTV session wif Anre cousin, so din ride the bicycle. Had to wait for dad to send me home before he headed down to another workplace. Was so tired I fell asleep almost immediately after a good bath. Sorry Garlicz! Din write the “幸福” 篇 last night… ke ke.
Today’s lesson started at 8.30am, was slightly late, but still managed to attend 80% of the lecture. 2 hours of lectures…TIRED! Now waiting for my next and last-lecture-of-the-day at 3.30pm. By right can go back already, cos it’s just an introductory lecture today. But decided to stay in school to settle my loans and all. Also, later tonight got a job lobang, so save the transport fare, go there straight after lecture. Doing some dirty job like carrying cabinets and stuff like that, should be easy, cos not need to think! haha. Hopefully can pay me on the spot.
Was reading this comic “Real”. Found this phrase I liked very much. I rephrased it to encourage myself:
Hope it encourages some people out there reading my livejournal too!


  • dash79

    29 7 月, 2004

    wah.,…u finally write in english! I read! 😛

  • froidhiver

    30 7 月, 2004

    bo jio!

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