Finally, Livejournal up and running (Eng entry)

Been away from Livejournal for quite some time cos cannot surf the Livejournal web,and beats me, I also dunno what happened and why.

Probably Singtel’s server problem, cos I could still view the page in the office, which is using Starhub DSL. I suspected it might be the firewall on my desktop, so I tried using my laptop at home. The attempt was futile. Went online during office hour to ask for help from the Livejournal support team. And I was happy to say that they responded quickly. But I was too slow to notice the email until just a few minutes ago.

Nevertheless, the web just suddenly worked today. Just pray that it’ll stay this way.

Just got home not long ago from a job interview early this morning. Very far, at the Science park. Spent 1hr 15 mins to reach there from home. Cant imagine what it’ll be like if I work there full time. Job scope: Web technology Engineer. Interesting. 4 interviewers, but friendly enough to ease my nerves. Talked a lot of crap, hopefully they could understand.

Managed to survive through the ISO internal audit, now waiting for the management to find an external ISO certification body. I was surprised to realise that I am a certified Internal Auditor, with a proper certification too.

Last weekends OST had our performance at Plaza Singapura. Felt that the Sunday’s performance was a much better one. There wasn’t really a big crowd, but I’m glad we got this chance to perform as a group again, though I haven’t had any chance to use my vocal cords. Need to brush up on my vocal percussion skill. Think the audience will be bored if I always use the same old dull techniques. Lots of different sounds to explore too.

Work will be piling up as I took another Private tuition.


  • ah_ken

    22 3 月, 2007

    so not get used to read ur entry in eng

  • xyberlord

    23 3 月, 2007

    Could be Singnet’s DNS problem… Always the case, sometimes I cannot surf certain sites also, but connecting to my school VPN, it works! So it’s Singnet’s DNS server screwed up… Just call them and give them the site address u cannot access… They will resolve it for u within minutes. =)

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