Conquered Standard Chartered half marathon today!

My last attempt was about 7 years ago during Army Half Marathon.
Haven’t been training hard, so was quite worried that I could not make it through.
This time round, though timing not as good as before, at least I had struggled through the race. 🙂
My timing was around 2.5hr.

Was very late for the race, woke up at 6.30am to realize that I had actually set the alarm at 5PM!!
Seeing me so upset (practically kicking on my bed), Dom asked me to go and see if I can still make it through.
I took a cab down and reached there about 7.36am, 1 hour late for my 21km.
I went to the starting point, and before I can finish my sentence, the organiser asked me to join the 10km runners and go ahead with my 21km.
I was so delighted and was so glad that I came.
Got my medal of completion at the end of the race.
Will certainly join next year’s race, either 21km or 42km.
Legs now aching, Heh. :p


  • pighead

    13 12 月, 2008

    Join me for the 42Km run next year?

    • Kongnir

      13 12 月, 2008

      Sure!!! Heh.
      But your timing very good leh. Me need to train hard hard first. :p

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