On Vox: Mii played Wii

上个星期五我和夏日又再一次到Lucky Plaza。

这一次,我们终于买了Wii和DS Lite。




DS Lite也很不错。夏日玩了以后也忍不住多买了一台。

只不过,我的DS Lite很多问题。

第一次发现店员卖给我的是Refurbished set,上面还有许多明显的刮痕。


昨晚又发现他卖给我的DS Linker不能储存游戏进度,今天夏日会下去看能不能换一换。




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  • keewhee

    30 4 月, 2007

    noticed that you’ve bought Wii … may I know which version did you buy? the US or Jap version? do you know what’s the difference between the two?

    • Kongnir

      2 5 月, 2007

      I bought the Singapore Version though. It’s exactly the same as the US version, they just changed the 110V adaptor to 240V adaptor.

      If you buy the US import version from some shops, they will ask you to buy a local 240V adaptor, which cost around S$35~S$50 extra.

      From what I know, the basic functions between the US and Jap versions are the same. Main difference is that US version can only play US games and Jap version can only play Jap games.

      Hope these answer your question. 🙂

      • keewhee

        2 5 月, 2007

        oh ok thanks.

        is yours the modified version? if the Jap console is modified, can it then play the US games?

        • Kongnir

          3 5 月, 2007

          Yup, modified set can play both US and Jap games.

          But heard from the staff that modified consoles are not stable yet, and also the modification chips havent arrived in Spore. I’m not sure if this piece of information is true.

          Mine is a non-modified set.

          But as for Jap version, I wonder if the menu is in Jap. unless you understand Jap, think better ask them show you before you buy.

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