On Vox: Cannot install iTunes in Vista

Error message when trying to install iTunes in Windows Vista

“VBscript.dll is not registered.”

Found a solution from a forum and successfully installed iTunes.

Vista for some reason dosnt register VBScript. What you have to do is first of all find where vbscript.dll is, mine was in C:WindowsSystem32, but I think it changes dependant on your version. Next you need to go to start -> accessories and the right click on command prompt and click “run as administrator”, next type “cd C:WindowsSystem32” (replace the dir if its different for you) and then type “regsvr32 vbscript.dll”. It should then confirm that vbscript has been registered and everything should work. This will fix a few installs.

But now another problem occurs: my iTunes cannot detect my 2nd Gen iPod Nano.(Latest update: after doing the above and rebooting the pc, it should work fine and able to detect my iPod Nano.)

Need to google a solution for this. Meantime, hope this will help some people with (stupid) Vista.

Originally posted on kongnir.vox.com