IT Update: Brother and OpenSuse Linux 10.2

Brother printer finally came out with its Vista compatible driver and software.
I had been surviving without the scanner since I installed Vista Home Premium on my PC a few months ago. BIG MISTAKE.
But then, the new Brother Printer interface is very nice, and my scanner finally works after the simple uninstallation and reinstallation of Brother driver and software. I was so delighted. Still am now.

I had installed OpenSuse Linux 10.2 on my older PC (which Summer Bear gave to me after he bought his new Dell PC). Sort of user friendly, but need to get use to it. Installing of programs are not easy, but then that means a whole lot more secure from viruses than you-know-what OS.

Been figuring out how to make Suse desktop interface nicer, seems like the older pentium 3 and on-board graphic card, together with 256MB RAM cannot support the sophisticated interface. Nevertheless, it’s a nice and free OS to use.

I was fixing my tuition kid’s PC just now, and realised that Windows is so prone to viruses. I HAD to install Anti-virus program and scan through sooooo many times that I lost track of my time. With Linux, I dun have so much problem even without an Anti-virus program installed.

Of course, in terms of user-friendliness, Microsoft still has its strength. With Linux, you just have to learn to read “between the lines”.


  • raistie

    2 8 月, 2007

    trust me, ubuntu is way better.
    in fact its the top voted linux right now.

    • Kongnir

      3 8 月, 2007

      Is it?!
      I’ll download and give it a try, heh.

    • Kongnir

      5 8 月, 2007

      Me installed Ubuntu 7.04, but my sound card cant work, keep giving me noisy sounds. Were you refering to Ubuntu or Kubuntu?
      I still prefer KDE version though, cos more eyecandy. Wanna consider trying Kunbutu instead.

      • raistie

        5 8 月, 2007

        erm yeah actually kubuntu is easier for me too. talk to me on msn if you need help

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